Policy Tools

We hope these tools are useful as you plan your policy advocacy work. Need more? Email us at info@ccheonline.org

Advocating for Policy Change

Framing Brief: Reading Betweeen the Lines: Understanding Food Industry Responses to Concerns about Nutrition, describes how companies are reacting to pressure by using the same dodge and deflect tactics tobacco companies have used, Berkeley Media Studies Group.

Fighting Junk Food Marketing to Kids, provides examples of what communities can do to fight back against unhealthy marketing practices. Includes background on food marketing, policy suggestions and ideas for how to act, Berkeley Media Studies Group.

Policy Databases

Transforming Communities, an annotated and multidisciplinary collection of model local policies, programs, and initiatives on topics related to health and social justice. The database contains policies reflecting realities from urban communities to Native lands with an emphasis on health and social justice issues.

ENACT Local Policies Tool is a searchable database that provides concrete examples of sample policies that have been implemented to improve food and recreation environments.

Health-related Policy Examples

We’ve pulled these examples from the Prevention Institute’s ENACT Policy Tool to give you an idea of the kinds of policy advocacy work already underway. We’ll be adding to the list as the initiative gets underway, so please bookmark this page and check back for updates.

  • 1.Land Use/Zoning
  • 2.Transportation/Walkability
  • 3.Healthy food access
  • 4.Junk food out
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