A national capacity building initiative to support diverse, community-based organizations and indigenous groups in developing effective, cutting-edge and culturally competent policy initiatives that address the root causes of childhood obesity for communities of color.

SNAP: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness on an Empty Stomach


President Johnson’s historic State of the Union address 50 years ago declared war on poverty and unemployment thanks largely to a large and vibrant grassroots movement. The focus then was on civil rights and ensuring that every “citizen” had the opportunity to make a living and live their life in civil liberty. Today, even these civil rights are under attack and basic human rights such as food are not guaranteed. In fact, as we reflect on this 50th year anniversary of the “War on Poverty,” it is clear that public policy has devolved into a “War on the Poor.” Read More



Thoughts from Makani Themba, Director of Communities Creating Healthy Environments.


The nation’s First Family rolls up their sleeves to volunteer in soup kitchens to help those without food to eat. The First Lady reinstitutes the White House vegetable garden, which by the way, is the first to grow food since First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous Victory Garden more than sixty years ago. And the Food Network even does a special Iron Chef episode using vegetables from the White House garden as the secret ingredient. Clearly, issues of obesity are on the public agenda and that can be a good thing. More »