Strategic Communications

Our Communications Approach

CCHE's movement-building approach to communications strengthens the capacity of everyone involved to communicate and mobilize for social justice. In terms of communications, this means building leaders and communities’ communication skills, networks, venues, technologies and shared understandings of how strategic communications builds movements.

Communicating Health Justice

The Praxis Project


This curriculum will help health justice advocates make the shift from the dominant, “portrait” frame (characterized by individual choices like what we choose to eat), to a “landscape” perspective that includes how policies, institutional behavior, structural and historical issues fundamentally shape health outcomes.


Meta Messaging Framing Your Case and Reinforcing Your Allies

A Message Memo from the Berkeley Media Studies Group and The Praxis Project

This memo focuses on an idea that Praxis has been playing with over the last few years with a number of partners across the country. It was basically this: we could collaboratively identify key themes grounded in shared long term goals and that these themes could be “embedded” in our messages across a range of issues in order to create great “echo” and impact over time.

Planning For Media Advocacy

The Praxis Project

Planning for Media Advocacy is a step by step guide to developing your media strategy including tools and techniques for: getting coverage, telling your stories, framing for access and includes a media advocacy glossary.


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