Land Use & Zoning

Los Angeles Fast Food Moratorium: Creates a one year moratorium on new fast food restaurants in South and Southeast Los Angeles.

Community Schools and Recreation: Provides physical activity facilities to all County residents by opening school recreation facilities to the public during after-school hours. 

Farmers' Market Amendment: Removes zoning barriers in some zone districts for farmers' markets.

Limit Restrictive Land Use Covenants: Limits the ability of grocers and drugstores from using land use covenants that prevent other grocers and drugstores from occupying the parcel once vacated.

Reedley Specific Plan: Guides future development in Reedley with a focus on preserving farmland, reducing air pollution, encouraging alternate forms of transportation and promoting a strong sense of community.

Major Retail Development - Dark Store Ordinance: Requires retail developers to set aside money which can be used by the city to demolish the structure and maintain the site should the store or shopping center become vacant.